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CA Native Plant Sale


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Apr 8, 2017
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Apr 9, 2017
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     Napa may have had a great winter as far as rain goes, BUT that is no reason to forgo using drought tolerant native plants for your landscaping plans. A careful selection of native ground covers, shrubs, small trees and grasses can still provide an attractive landscape alternative to the water-guzzling lawn while contributing habitat for native birds and insects, conserving water and saving money! 
     Our spring native plant sale provides a perfect opportunity to select from hundreds of specimens that are ideally suited to thrive in Napa’s Mediterranean climate. Our plant sale area will be a RIOT of color with the wide selection of spring blooming plants for your choosing! You will have a chance to speak with expert volunteers and select specimens that will enhance the ecology of your garden while offering a glorious seasonal display of color for years to come!  Join us Sat and Sun to get your new yard started.                                   Check our webpage:  for more info



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